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just a moment with Mary McArdle

Happy Leap Day 2016! The final just a moment preview post features the artwork of Mary McArdle of Melbourne, Australia – Time is, was and will be: It doesn’t matter how we try to control time, how many schedules we fill in, time has its own rhythms. Time is dependable. The sun will always set…. Read More →

just a moment with Alicia Merrett

A few years ago Alicia Merrett from the United Kingdom discovered the potential of maps and aerial views as sources for textile work.  Spacetime Geographies:Town Journeys is a continuation of that creative practice: In life we move through the three dimensions of space, and also along the fourth dimension of time. In this abstracted map of… Read More →

just a moment with Sarah Ann Smith

Textile artist, teacher and author Sarah Ann Smith of Hope, Maine, USA enjoys regular walks with the family pug.  The milkweeds in her area are the inspiration for Milkweed No 2: The milkweed seedpod encompasses the passage of time from growth to decay to rebirth through the seeds, borne on wisps of silk and the… Read More →

just a moment with Neroli Henderson

Spend just a moment with Neroli Henderson of Melbourne, Australia and get drawn into The Eternity Spiral: We are all held mercilessly by the hands of time, our bodies dissolve or perhaps evolve depending on your point of view. Our souls to float the fourth dimension. A human Möbius strip—no end and no beginning—shows our… Read More →

just a moment with Lisa Walton

Just a moment with Lisa Walton, textile artist, teacher and author from Sydney, Australia as she reflects on Where does the time go? You watch as your children slowly grow.  Then one day you look and their childhood has gone. Lisa shares the process of creating this poignant artwork in her blog post. Lisa is… Read More →

just a moment with Julie Haddrick

Wabi Sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature and the acceptance of life’s’ natural cycle of growth, decay and death. This philosophy has continued to stimulate Julie Haddrick in her creative practice. In Seasonal Yellow Julie has combined bird illustrations with fabric and stitch. She breeds and at times… Read More →

just a moment with Catherine McDonald

Just a moment with Catherine McDonald of Christchurch, New Zealand as she recalls some family history in Coming Home: Telegrams sent to my grandmother, Sarah Scott, telling her that my dad, Clem, had been injured in WWII. They take you from knowing he’s injured, his turn for the worse and lower leg amputation through to… Read More →

just a moment with Sue de Vanny

Sue de Vanny from Melbourne, Victoria has travelled to Prague and is fascinated by the Orloj astronomical clock built in 1410: The Orloj clock  is one of the oldest astronomical clocks in the world. Through centuries the clock has been refurbished and even partly rebuilt due to damage in World War Two. The dials show… Read More →

just a moment with Betty Busby

Take just a moment with Betty Busby, a prolific fiber artist and enthusiastic teacher from Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America.  Betty maintains a busy international exhibition schedule and I am delighted to include her artwork Song of the Tribolites. Long before the age of the dinosaurs, trilobites of many sizes and shapes teemed… Read More →

just a moment with Susan Mathews

Banksias are a recurring subject for Australian textile artist Susan Mathews.  as her work focuses on her surroundings and the natural environment. Surface design on fabric and machine techniques are Susan’s specialty as demonstrated in her artwork: Regeneration.  Susan shows the process of creating her artwork in her blog post a matter of time including… Read More →