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just a moment with Monica Johnstone

Monica Johnstone from Grand Rapids, Michigan was so inspired by the theme a matter of time that she submitted three entries. She shares her design processes for the three works, including a full image of Patina:Ancient Amphora, in her blog post: Getting to Congratulations: From first ideas to finished products. just a moment is a… Read More →

just a moment with Mirjam Aigner

Moving On is about Mirjam Aigner’s life in Europe and Australia. It is shown as a natural progression and is expressed by pictorial images and symbols. Sundials are moving the time of day, Roman numerals the centuries and years. A bicycle faintly visible on the bottom of this work is a symbol of “Moving On”…. Read More →

just a moment with Catherine Timm

Take just a moment with Canadian fibre and mixed media artist Catherine Timm. While trying to understand the fourth dimension, Bubbles came to Catherine’s mind. We can see the back and front and all sides at the same time.  If our world was like a bubble and we could see it totally, inside and out,… Read More →

just a moment with Deborah Boschert

Deborah Boschert creates fabric collages using a variety of materials.  She often includes sheers and other unexpected fabrics, stencils, stamps, and recurring motifs together with free-motion work and hand-stitched details. As she explains in this fun video, Rising and Setting uses fabric that has been in her stash FOREVER. Pop over to Deborah’s Journal where… Read More →

just a moment with Elizabeth Rose

At the one-quarter mark of the just a moment series, it seems very appropriate to introduce you to The Quarters by Elizabeth Rose of Queanbeyan, NSW. In her artist statement, Elizabeth remarks: How often is time divided into quarters and fours? A quarter of an hour; many sporting games have quarters; a quarter of a… Read More →

just a moment with Niraja Lorenz

Niraja Lorenz of Eugene, Oregon, USA has a passion for intricate piecing. Subtle variations in colour and organic textures form the visual imagery in her Strange Attractor series. This series draws its name from mathematics. An “attractor” is that which draws you to its core. “Strange” attractors have a fractal structure. In Strange Attractors#19 –… Read More →

just a moment with Eileen Campbell

Textile artist and author Eileen Campbell of Melbourne, Australia specialises in machine work using appliqué, embroidery and quilting techniques. In A Matter of Time – Life Cycles  Eileen considers the life cycle of a rose bush in the appliqué elements and the life cycle of the butterfly is depicted in the background quilting. You can… Read More →

just a moment with Julie Harding

Julie Harding from Toormina, New South Wales, Australia remarks: A tree’s growth rings can read like a time capsule. Narrow rings can be the result of drought. Scarring can be the result of fire. Widely spaced rings can show years of good seasons with plenty of sunshine and water. Narrowing rings can indicate shading or… Read More →

just a moment with Sheila Beer

Throughout history, humans have demonstrated a compulsion to make art whatever other demands there are on their time. The earliest known cave paintings/drawings are at least 35,000 years and mark-making continues in to the 21st century. In her artist statement for Making Time, Sydney-based artist Sheila Beer remarks: …my art practice proceeds in small increments,… Read More →