just a moment with Neroli Henderson

Spend just a moment with Neroli Henderson of Melbourne, Australia and get drawn into The Eternity Spiral:

We are all held mercilessly by the hands of time, our bodies dissolve or perhaps evolve depending on your point of view. Our souls to float the fourth dimension. A human Möbius strip—no end and no beginning—shows our unravelling, our aging, and I’ve made it deliberately metallic to show our impervious nature as we fight back, doing all we can to delay the inevitable.

Neroli has shared  a series of step by step photographs about the creation of this artwork on her Facebook page, starting with the sketch (part 1) through to the final finishing touches (part 12) of the clouds.  There is also a fun painting video.

The Eternity Spiral (detail) by Neroli HendersonNeroli is the new editor of Textile Fibre Forum magazine and is always on the look out for original and awesome textile art – read her Call for Publication for more information.

supportedbybrother just a moment is a series of daily blog posts from 29 January to 29 February 2016 that will feature an artist and preview their artwork from the exhibition a matter of time. The exhibition will premiere at the Stitches & Craft Show, Sydney: 3-6 March 2016. All welcome!


  1. Thanks Brenda, and for the push for Textile Fibre Forum too! This is going to be a brilliant exhibition and I’m looking to see them in the fabric!

  2. I know, at the rate this year is going I figure if I just blink a few times it will be here 🙂 Can’t wait.