conditions of entry

These Conditions of Entry apply to the Online Entry Form for the a matter of time travelling textile art exhibition.

Entries close at midnight on 15 January 2016 (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time) and entrants will be notified whether their work has been selected by 22 January 2016. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact


  1. bannerformatEntry is open to all textile artists. International entries are welcome. Non-Australian artists must provide completed paperwork and payment (if any) to satisfy customs requirements.
  2. Artworks must address the title theme – a matter of time.
  3. Entries may be any kind of stitched textile or fibre art but each work must be sturdy enough to travel without special requirements. Works that have significant 3 dimensional features, require special hanging apparatus, or are delicate or require special handling will not be selected.
  4. Entries must measure 100x40cm finished (HxW, vertical banner format). A 1cm variation in any direction is permitted.
  5. Entries must include both a hanging sleeve and velcro strips in accordance with the curator’s directions.
  6. Entries must be submitted via the a matter of time Online Entry Form by no later than  midnight 15 January 2016. No paper entries or disks will be accepted. (See image specifications below.)
  7. Selected works must be delivered by 15 February 2016 and available to tour for up to 20 months. The curator is not obliged to release or return any work before 31 October 2017.
  8. Only one textile work will be selected per entrant, although artists may enter more than one work.
  9. The work must be an original design in which no other person holds copyright. All work must be the result of independent effort and must not be the product of an instructional setting in which another artist has provided guidance or assistance.
  10. Artwork that differs from the submitted images will not be accepted.
  11. Works must not have been previously exhibited. Entrants may share partial glimpses of the work online but must not publish an image of the entire work until the premiere exhibition (currently set for March 2016).
  12. The entrant gives permission for photos of any selected work to be published on the a matter of time website, in a catalogue and used in publicity, reviews or articles.

Image Specifications

Entrants must submit two clear digital images of the textile work in jpg format:

  • a full image of the work (including edges); and
  • a detail image.

The image must be at least 1000 pixels on the longest side and the overall file size must not exceed 3MB. High resolution images are not required and no specific dpi/ppi is set. (See Seven Easy Ways to Resize Images.)

Please name your file with your first initial, your last name and the word “full” or “detail”. For example: BSmithFull.jpg and BSmithDetail.jpg . If you submit more than one entry, please add the entry number. For example: BSmithFull2.jpg and BSmithDetail2.jpg .

The quality of the photo is important to give your work the best possible chance. Please ensure that the photo accurately represents the colours of the submitted work.

Artists’ Responsibilities

  • Artists whose work is selected must pay a A$50 administration fee to assist with travel and administration expenses. This fee is payable by no later than 15 February 2016. Payment may be made by direct deposit or credit card/PayPal. A$50 Participation Fee:

  • Selected artists will also be responsible for the cost of shipping the work to and from the curator. Artists may provide a pre-paid shipping label or send the required amount via PayPal. (The curator may return the work with different packaging at the curator’s discretion.)
  • Insurance cover, if desired, is the responsibility of the artist.
  • The artist warrants that the textile work is their own original design and indemnifies the curator against any claim for breach of copyright.

Curator’s Responsibilities

  • The curator must take all due care whilst the textile works are in her possession, but is not liable for any loss or damage to the works however such loss or damage is caused . The curator cannot provide insurance for the selected works.

Unless other arrangements are made, the curator must return the works to the artists by 31 October 2017